Lauren Michelle Hayes has been teaching vocal lessons for well over a decade, and has enjoyed every moment.  Lauren specializes in working with adult beginners/amateurs, but has extensive experience working with all ages skill/levels, and her lessons are highly customized to suit the needs and goals of each individual student.  Lauren believes that every human being can learn to sing beautifully with the right guidance, and that no matter your level of experience, there is always more to learn about your individual vocal instrument.  Her goals as a teacher are as follows:


1. To make the process of healthy, efficient, joyful singing accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of musical background (or lack thereof).  For beginners, lessons focus on learning about your instrument and how to control it.  For more advanced students, lessons focus much more on identifying and undoing any bad habits that may be getting in the way of total vocal freedom.  So much of singing is about posture and alignment, and Lauren incorporates a great deal of hands-on body work into her lessons to help her students develop awareness and conscious movement within their individual instruments.


2. To help her students work through any shame, fear, or doubt they may have about their vocal instruments by creating a safe and nurturing environment for them to discover their own unique abilities. As much as singing is a physical act, it is also a highly personal act, and because of the physical connecton to the instrument, the singing voice is often at the mercy of the student's psychological state of mind.  Lauren understands how scary and vulnerable singing can be, and seeks to help her students work through these psychological blocks by incorporating mindfulness techniques, as well as providing tools to deconstruct these fears so they no longer get in the way.


Nothing brings Lauren more joy than seeing her students make breakthroughs and find ways to express themselves through vocal music.  By learning to master the body and mind as a musical instrument, students often discover a powerful connection to the music they sing, which can then be used as a tool to facilitate growth, authenticity, and genuine, emotional expression in both performance, and in life. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, Lauren is confident that she can help you find your most authentic singing voice.