What is Empowered Singing?

Hello there, and welcome to my blog! Those of you who are new to my site may be wondering what I mean by "Empowered Singing," so I aim to use this blog as a way to highlight all of the different facets of my teaching philosophy.

My biggest goal as a teacher is to help my students find their true, authentic singing voices, and help them to feel empowered by their voices, rather than feel shame or embarrassment. Singing is as natural as breathing or speaking, and while everyone may have varying degrees of ability to start, the singing voice is an amazing tool for self-expression. Most people, in my over 10 years of teaching experience, have a much better singing voice than they think they do, and with the right amount of polish and patience, end up singing in ways they never thought possible! I am no stranger to the fears, insecurities, and doubts that surround the act of singing (which is a very vulnerable act), and I seek to build up the singer starting with their person, rather than just their technique.

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