Mindfulness and Singing

One of the biggest struggles that plagues many of my students (and often myself), is a lack of mindfulness while singing. Sometimes, our brains move around so fast, that they leave our poor bodies behind in the dust (Which, as you can imagine, makes it very difficult to be aware of our vocal instruments)! When I was a student, this was the one element that I was missing, and it wreaked absolute havoc on my voice over time; My anxieties, worries, and busy brain would take over so much, that I was rendered completely unaware of what my body was doing, and therefore, felt like I had no control over my instrument. As I got older, I realized that mindfulness practice was almost more important than practicing my vocal technique exercises, because how was I supposed to control an instrument that I was too busy-minded to feel aware of? When the body is the instrument, it often becomes painfully obvious how much our body, mind and emotions are working out of sync with each other, so I crafted much of my teaching method to include mindfulness and breathing exercises in an effort to bring my students back into their bodies. Being with your body allows you to control your body, which is exactly the kind of awareness we need to be in control of our voices.

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