"For a very long time I had wanted to sing. I've always loved singing, especially the soulful, R&B, Bluesy, Gospel kind, and I've always known I was talented and had a good voice for it, but I also knew that there was WAY more that I could do with that talent if I only applied myself at actually singing, and learning to do it correctly. I have been a happy and proud student of one incomparable Ms. Lauren Hayes, and could not be more satisfied if my life depended on it. The things I have learned about singing, breathing, posture and control, and even the personal realizations I have come to in regards to fears and discomforts I have harbored about my ability to sing, have all been so very beneficial to me not just as a singer, but as a person. It has been an absolute joy to learn under Lauren's guidance, and a pleasure to have found in her such a great friend and amazingly talented vocalist and mentor. She has known precisely how to engage my qualities as a singer, and how to correct my shortcomings, without ever restricting or limiting my desire to freely explore my vocal abilities; and all in the friendliest and most comforting of ways. It has been AWESOME to develop my talents under her guidance. I recommend to all who read this, from aspiring singers to shower yodelers, that they make it a point to seek out Lauren, and start taking lessons. It is one of the smartest investments you can make in yourself, and one of the most personally enriching experiences one could hope to have." 

- Rodrigo D, 30

“I've been working with Lauren for about 3 years now taking voice lessons and it's been a great experience. Lauren's method of teaching is very personalized to her student's needs and has enabled me to do things with my voice I wasn't even aware I had the capability of doing. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking to just learn about singing, or the experienced singer looking to take their studies or performances to another level.”

- Dave T, 33


“I studied voice with Lauren for about two and a half years.  As background, I had sung a little in choir as a child and in high school, but hadn't really sung in over a decade.  Lauren was an excellent teacher.  She made sure to assess my individual issues and developed specific exercises and drills to help me address each of these deficiencies.  Specifically, she noticed that my voice was used to "blending" due to all my years in choir.  She helped me learn to refocus my voice, which brought much more clarity and energy to my singing.  There was always some new drill or exercise to try.  I felt like there was progress made during each lesson.  Lauren was incredibly patient with me throughout the whole process and brought a positive attitude to each lesson, which definitely helped a lot!  I really enjoyed my time studying with Lauren.  I feel like my singing improved a great deal throughout our lessons together.  I'd highly recommend her as a teacher!”

- Brian T, 32


“Miss Lauren is an awesome teacher! She is very inspiring. I always look forward to working with her because she makes each lesson much more fun than it already is, every single time. Miss Lauren has an excellent voice herself, fantastic technique, and she has an answer to every question I have. Miss Lauren strategically chooses songs that suit the type of voice you have to bring out the best in you. I love Miss Lauren!”

- Alyona D, 8


“Miss Lauren is absolutely wonderful! My daughter adores her and can’t wait for her voice lessons. Miss Lauren is very creative and uses unique techniques that make learning fun. We never know what to expect next! One day, she had my daughter sing into a glass full of water through a straw without making it splash to master control of her breath (we did get drenched that day though!). Another day, she had her stand with the head touching the wall to keep her neck muscles from pulling the head forward when they get too tight (special bonus was neck massage for my little girl!) She always incorporates student’s interests into the selection of the songs to learn. My 8-year- old daughter now enthusiastically sings pop, rock, and musical theater all day long (opera is yet to come)! Her voice is getting clearer and stronger, and the learned techniques are paying off. What is even more important though is that she LOVES singing, her interest ever growing and being encouraged. Miss Lauren is the kind of teacher you want to have for your child - She is the kind of teacher you always wanted to have yourself!”

- Yuliya K, Mother of Alyona D

“I have been working with Lauren for the past year now, and I look forward to my lessons! I didn’t know anything about singing and was terrified to sing in front of others, but Lauren taught me how to sing and now I’m not as scared to sing in front of others. I recommend Lauren as a music teacher - you would love working with her.”
- Leila K, 12


“My daughter has been taking private singing lessons with Lauren for the past year.  She started as a beginner, and was very apprehensive about performing in front of an audience. However, with Lauren’s patience, compassion, and perseverance she has flourished into a confident singer who loves to perform! I know that we both look forward to her classes each week and she really enjoys working with Lauren. We highly recommend Lauren, I don’t know of anyone who does not like her loving way of teaching beginner singers to become confident in their ability. My daughter has gained confidence in general by improving in the art of singing.”

- Negin Z, Mother of Leila K

“In spite of lifelong breathing problems, I'd always wanted to learn to sing, and although I knew it wouldn't be easy, I harbored a strong desire to try.  When I started lessons with Lauren about a year ago, my attempts to sing sounded more like raspy, breathy, whispers than anything remotely like musical notes.  With Lauren's knowledgeable instruction and her determination and enthusiasm, I've made very good and consistent progress over the last twelve months, and my appreciation of music continues to expand.  Lauren crafted an individualized instructional program that has helped me to unlock my vocal architecture, and to find ways to relax so that musical notes can flow.  Lauren Hayes is a highly skilled and gifted musician, who is also a wonderful and caring teacher.  She encourages me to work hard, and yet I never feel that she places undue demands on me.  She is helping me to do something that is not easy, and yet lessons are fun and uplifting.  Lauren's students are fortunate to have her!”
- Peg E, 65


“Lessons with Lauren are simply amazing. She knows her stuff and articulates things in a way that I can understand. I've only been training with her for a couple of months, but I definitely see how my vocal technique has improved. Every lesson I leave with something new and awesome to work on. I would recommend taking lessons with Lauren to anyone.”

- Dwayne S, 25

"I've been taking lessons with Lauren now for around 7 months and I had no idea I could do the things she's trained my voice to do! Because of Lauren and these lessons, I've been able to sing in front of two congregations (maybe 60 people each) and I would have NEVER done that before and would have just continued to do car karaoke by myself and cry in self pity as I watched American Idol...I'm pleased to say that even when I go off to medical school in a couple years I will be able to do skype lessons still! If ANYone is thinking about taking lessons but are too nervous, check Lauren out... She'll get you to warm up to high notes you never knew you could hit and teach you amazing techniques that will change the way you sing FOREVERRRRR!! The cost is NOT bad either.. trust me I'm a college student who doesn't live with mom and dad ;)  I have made a friend in Lauren and I am forever grateful for what she has done to my vocal cords!!"

- Katy J, 25

"Lauren is a very dedicated and passionate singer/teacher. I started lessons with her 3 months ago and I've already experienced significant progress towards my singing, thanks to her lively instructions and various methodologies that have kept each lesson fun and fulfilling.  She also took great care in fine-tuning my English pronunciations since I'm not a native speaker, so as a result I felt more confident with not just singing but also public speaking. I highly recommend Lauren whether you are learning singing as a hobby or are actually serious about bringing your skills to the next level."

 - Marc C, 28

"I am an adult student with previous classical vocal training. I'm fond of music and I have studied voice and piano for years. I love working with Lauren very much – She’s a great teacher, very patient, professional and supportive. Without stress, she helps me improve my voice tremendously. Lauren has an extensive knowledge of her art, and every lesson is a great experience. She is very insightful and she’s always trying to find the best way to make me understand the right thing to do. And it works! I feel so much more comfortable with my voice since I’ve worked with her! What I have learned with Lauren goes far beyond my expectations. She’s also a very nice person so each lesson is a lot of fun!”

- Catherine C, 52


“In the four years I have studied with Lauren, I've learned more about my voice - the things that were holding it back, and the ways I could work through those problems - than I had with all my other voice teachers combined (and trust me, there were a lot of others). Lauren has a very hands-on approach and she took my specific goals - singing and career-related - into account at any given time when we were working. She has always been able to identify the root of my vocal problems and has helped me learn to fix them, bringing a new “aha!” moment to almost every lesson, where I learned my voice was capable of doing something exciting. All this being said, the last four years of working with her have also been full of laughs, goofy vocal warmups (that really do work miracles), and tons of positive encouragement. Lauren is so much fun to learn from, and she has always motivated and inspired me to fiercely chase my dreams. She has brought my technique and my self-confidence to new heights, and I couldn’t possibly imagine having a more qualified, passionate, and incredible teacher!”

- Shira B, 20


“My daughter has been a student of Lauren's for almost 5 years and she has really grown and developed exponentially as a result.  Under Lauren's tutelage, she has literally found her voice!  Lauren has an incredible breadth of knowledge and has greatly improved my daughter's vocal ability as well as her level of confidence.  Thanks to Lauren and her encouragement, my daughter has the ability to walk into all types of auditions and succeed, knowing that she absolutely belongs there.  I can't recommend Lauren enough for students of any age and any style, who are looking for an experienced, qualified and amazingly talented voice coach.”

- Peni B, Mother of Shira B


“When I first went to Lauren, I had a lot of passion for singing but due to my anxiety, I wasn't able to fully open myself up and comfortably sing. Lauren did an amazing job with helping me relax, be more confident and overcome my anxiety when I'm singing. I would DEFINITELY recommend her as a vocal coach. She's the best!”

- Vanessa G, 22


“Lauren's vocal coaching has transformed my life in the most positive of ways. I began taking singing lessons with her about nine months ago, and see her on average once every week. After every class with her, I feel happier, more energized, more confident overall, and definitely more confident with the quality of my singing. After my first three or four classes with her, I felt markedly different - I felt a new level of self-awareness and a higher level of confidence in exploring parts of my singing voice and parts of my psychology that I otherwise don't think I wouldn't have been able to as smoothly access. Classes with Lauren can be so emotionally deep that they might make tears come up - in the best of ways. Classes with Lauren can be so fun and exhilarating that you might look forward to them for days before you attend class - like I do. Classes with Lauren can be so healing that you might feel completely transformed after class with her - as I feel. I trust Lauren completely. I feel entirely safe being vulnerable with Lauren. She is extremely encouraging. She is extremely clear and precise with her words and with her feedback. She is extremely skilled in her knowledge of and sharing about body mechanics, singing mechanics, and emotional system mechanics. She is extremely skilled and I care for her tremendously. I give the highest possible recommendation for Lauren - she is a wonderful voice teacher and a wonderful person. I feel more healed as a person, more confident as a person, and more skilled in singing, through knowing Lauren and through taking classes with Lauren.”

- Elizabeth D, 28


“I have been working with Lauren for around four years now and have thoroughly enjoyed every lesson and recital we have worked on together. She brings energy and character to each lesson, and she personalizes every session to what I need to work on.  Her thoughtful way of teaching difficult material has brought my singing skills to an entirely different level than where I was before beginning lessons.  When facing a difficult concept in a piece, she also comes up with inventive solutions and helpful critiques that address all of my questions and concerns.  The constant feedback that I receive from her is extremely helpful in improving my practice and I always look forward to my weekly lessons with her.”
-Anna A, 16


“Lauren is by far the most energetic instructor I have worked with! Her constant positive energy combined with her knowledge of the voice and all of its components, creates a teaching regimen that works so well for me. I started seeing a difference after just once lesson, and the exercises she shows me have been so effective that I have been doing them every day. I'm truly happy with the progress I have made with Lauren, and can't wait to see what opportunities the future holds for me, and my new voice :)”

-Kayla V, 22